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Recycled Cotton Yarn | DMC Eco Vita

$15.00 GST Inclusive

  • 8ply/DK
  • 4 – 5mm needles/crochet hook
  • 100g/250m
  • 80% Recycled cotton, 20% other recycled fibres.
  • Available in 30 colours

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Recycled Cotton Knitting and Crochet Yarn

Eco Vita is a 100% recycled tubular yarn, made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% other recycled fibres. Ideal for knitting and crochet to create eco conscious clothing and accessories.

Eco Vita is our eco-friendly, tubular yarn that’s made from fabric waste that is shredded and respun. This manufacturing technique means the yarn doesn’t undergo a dying process or any further treatment. Available in 30 nature-inspired colours that can be used to knit or crochet clothing and accessories.

Even the label is reusable! Simply pop the label into some water (for optimal care, we recommend hand washing in cold water). Swirl it around until the water turns soapy, then remove the tag and wash your project.

We recommend you use 4 or 5mm needles with our Eco Vita yarn.

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DM388-103, DM388-205, DM388-105, DM388-555, DM388-107, DM388-009, DM388-109, DM388-008, DM388-110, DM388-111, DM388-001, DM388-112, DM388-002, DM388-115, DM388-003, DM388-117, DM388-004, DM388-118, DM388-005, DM388-136, DM388-007, DM388-137, DM388-011, DM388-138, DM388-018, DM388-155, DM388-055, DM388-187, DM388-102, DM388-198


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