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DMC Happy Cotton

$4.00 GST Inclusive

DMC Happy Cotton special Amigurumi yarn is a feast for the eyes, lots of great colours in 20g/43m balls.  This yarn is perfect for creating little creatures.  A light DK weight, it Knits and Crochets well on 3.0mm – 4.0mm needles.  This yarn is machine washable


See the DMC Happy Cotton Special pattern books too under the patterns and Kits section of our website https://www.cruellas.co.nz/product/dmc-happy-cotton-pattern-books/

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DM392-753, DM392-769, DM392-785, DM392-754, DM392-770, DM392-786, DM392-755, DM392-771, DM392-787, DM392-756, DM392-772, DM392-788, DM392-757, DM392-773, DM392-789, DM392-758, DM392-774, DM392-790, DM392-759, DM392-775, DM392-791, DM392-760, DM392-776, DM392-792, DM392-761, DM392-777, DM392-793, DM392-762, DM392-778, DM392-794, DM392-763, DM392-779, DM392-795, DM392-764, DM392-780, DM392-796, DM392-765, DM392-781, DM392-797, DM392-750, DM392-766, DM392-782, DM392-798, DM392-751, DM392-767, DM392-783, DM392-799, DM392-752, DM392-768, DM392-784


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