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Keren Eggers

I am a passionate knitter who loves colour, texture and style. There’s something really satisfying about having a vision and creating things. In the last few of years I’ve really got into dyeing yarn and pattern writing, so I can share my love for colour and style other people. I’m also learning to weave and its on my wish list to start spinning – so watch this space…

I am left handed which has posed a few challenges for me in the predominantly right handed crafting world, as a result I’ve learned to be very adaptable. I enjoy teaching other people take on challenges and upskill so they can make and wear their own creations.

Joanne Watson

My interest in colour, textures, patterns and natural fibre inspires me every day to be creative. New skills are learned and so much pleasure is gained after the countless hours of work with any finished garment.
I encourage everyone to experiment with colour and pattern and experience a true sense of achievement from a handmade garment.
Joanne Watson
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