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How To Read a Knitting Pattern

Even if you have been knitting years, patterns can be difficult to interpret and understand.

Read our handy guide to interpreting a knitting pattern and discover just how easy it can be with some guidance.

One of the things that trip a lot of knitters up, and I have to confess to getting overwhelmed myself at times with more complex patterns, is trying to absorb too much of the instruction at once. By this I mean in something like this it can look a bit daunting:

K1, yo, k1, *yo, k1, yo, k4tog, p5, sl3, k1, psso, [yo, k1] 4 times; rep from *, ending last rep with k2tog instead of final k1.

I have found the best way is to break this down to taking one step at a time by just splitting it up ‘comma’ by ‘comma’. I would do the first K1, then move on to the instruction before the next comma (yo), then the next comma (k1) working my way along the row in this way. For me, this simplifies what can seem to be a confusing set of instructions.

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